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3M Ceramic IR

Nano-Ceramic Window Film

  • The newest window film from 3M – Ceramic IR is a high tech performance window film for all vehicles.
  • Great performance with up to 95% IR Rejection to block heat and harmful sun rays. You will feel the difference as this film drastically cools your car!
  • The 3M Ceramic IR Window tint has crystal clear clarity and a nice neutral shade color – This film matches factory tinted glass very well.
  • 99% UV Protection, SPF 1000+, and Complete Privacy in dark shades while enjoying high performance tint.
  • Lifetime Warranty on film and installation. We only sell the best 3M window tint and have been for years without problems.
  • Metal Free Design incorporated unlike many other ceramic films on the market- will not interfere with signals such as 5G
  • Available at Lynx in 5%, 15%, 25%, 30%, and 50%