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Obsidian Window Tint

Obsidian Window Tint

Our Standard Window Tint Installation, 3M’s Obsidian Auto Tint includes a lifetime warranty and matches factory privacy glass.

Crystalline Window Tint

Crystalline Window Tint

The highest grade of Window Tint available, 3M’s Crystalline Auto Tint blocks 99.9% UV and up to 97% IR, resulting in incredible heat rejection.

PRO Install 3M Window Tint in Denver!

“Lynx has been a 3M Window Tint Dealer for 8 years – Our commitment to delivering a high quality, trusted product has earned us the Elite Status of 3M Crystalline Certified”.

Our South Denver Location at 7255 S. Havana St. Centennial, CO has all of the tint we offer in stock and ready for you! All of the different shades are on display, we will examine your vehicle, and show you our Window Tint Heat Rejection Demo.

Our standard grade is called Obsidian Tint, and comes with a lifetime warranty never to go bad, bubble, peel, discolor, or any type of bonding failure. Our Obsidian tint is available in 5 different shades and matches factory tint extremely well.

Our Premier Window Tint offering is 3M’s Crystalline Auto Tint. Available in 6 shades including completely clear, and all in stock and on display. The Crystalline Tint features a nano-layer technology unique to Crystalline Film that blocks all of the heat from the sun. It also looks incredible when installed by our Master Tinters, and of course has a lifetime warranty!

Comprehensive Warranty

Lynx Auto wraps and more offers a lifetime warranty on 3m Window tint. the warranty covers the film and INSTALLATION against peeling, bubbling, discoloring, fading, delamination and adhesion failure. damage from wear and tear is not covered

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