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Use this tool to see all the wrap colors on different makes and models with customizable options.

Brought to you by Avery Dennison, maker of Supreme Wrap Film Series 900

Over 300 Colors!

Choosing your new look may be difficult with so many different color options. Lynx Auto Wraps offers the best brands of Vinyl Wrap with an incredible color selection. We have tons of colors in stock and on display in the store. Get hands on with our techs at the Lynx Auto Wraps Install Showroom with our car door wrap display. The technicians can offer advise regarding the different color and finishes, and show you how it will look on your vehicle.

The Auto Wrap Material that we offer in the store are made specifically for changing the color of new vehicles- Our brand selection includes 3M 1080 Series Wrap Film, Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Film, Cheetah Wrap, and more! Click the button below to experience the 3M Car Wrap Simulator!

Satin Black

Deep Matte Black

Gloss Metallic Black

Satin Dark Gray

Satin Thundercloud

Satin Battleship Gray

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Psychedelic Flip

Satin Perfect Blue

Satin Ocean Shimmer

Gloss Blue Metallic

Gloss Flip Deep Space

Matte Indigo

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Matte Military Green

Fresh Spring Color Flow

Gloss Lemon Sting

Storm Gray

Pearl White

Matte White

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap

For the largest color assortment and wrap cleaning/maintenance product Lynx Auto Wraps & More uses Avery Dennison. The Supreme Wrapping Film from Avery Dennison is second to none for auto wrapping. Experience the unique colors like pastels, color flow, and spark metallic available only with Avery Dennison.

Matte Red Metallic

Smoldering Red

Fiery Orange

What is a Lynx Auto Wrap?

An alternative to paint, a Lynx Auto Wrap is a fast and easy way to change the color of a new vehicle. It is completely safe and can be removed. It does not affect any warranties, and will preserve and protect the original paint underneath!

“Over 300 colors!”

Vinyl Wrap is professionally installed to cover the entire exterior of the vehicle, and is available in over 300 colors including matte, satin, textured finishes and exotic color shifting!

Our auto service center in Centennial, Colorado can quickly change the color of any vehicle. Visit our design center to see the colors in person and customize your new look. Our friendly staff specialize in Automotive Films Installation and loves Customization and Re-styling! We provide the best products and service available, with the personalized feel of an independent small business.