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3M Crystalline

High-Tech Auto Tint

  • 3M Crystalline is the highest grade of window tint available. It’s a high tech window tint film that blocks all of the heat from the sun. High performance Auto Tint makes a huge difference in cooling down a vehicle and lessening the intensity of the Sun Crystalline Tint rejects up to 60% of the solar energy from the sun.
  • With 99% UV Protection, it blocks all of the harmful sun rays that can damage your skin and car’s interior. It provides a total SPF 1000 for passengers. 3M Window Tint is recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective way to block the sun’s damaging rays.
  • Non-Metallized composition results in no loss of signals inside the vehicle. The heat is blocked by a nano-layer construction with 200 spectrally selective thin layers.
  • Even the light shades of Crystalline reject more heat than the darkest normal tint. The light shades can be installed on the front windshield without darkening it to block 99% UV and all of the sun’s heat that warms up the dash and radiates in the car.
  • 3M Crystalline can not be properly installed by many tint shops. Lynx has been certified and endorsed by 3M for not only superior proficiency but also recognized as a high volume Crystalline Dealer.
  • Crystalline Window Tint looks different from normal tint, it has a distinct shimmer in direct light.

Crystalline: Having the Structure and Form of a Crystal; A Clear or Transparent Crystal resembling Ice.

Crystalline Security Series

3M Scotchshield Window Film – Crystalline Series. The ultimate window tint, This 4 mil film offers the high performance ratings of Crystalline plus the added benefit of reinforcing the glass against break-ins. 25,000 psi tensile strength, 99% UV protection, Up to 98% IR Rejection, lifetime warranty and more!