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3M Obsidian

Beyond OEM – Our Standard Tint

  • 3M Obsidian is a new automotive window film designed to have superior clarity, durability, and performance at a affordable price.
  • Patented 3M Infusion Technology prevents the tint from ever discoloring or fading. It features a lifetime warranty on the color never to change, and also has lifetime warranty never to go bad, peel, or bubble.
  • With 99% UV Protection, it blocks all of the harmful sun rays that can damage your skin and car’s interior. 3M Obsidian Tint also blocks up to 44% of the total solar energy resulting in great heat reduction.
  • Non-Metallized composition results in no loss of signals inside the vehicle.
  • Unmatched clarity and coloration, the 3M Obsidian 25% and 30% are cosmetically a near perfect match to factory privacy tint on rear windows.
  • Available in 5 different shades, Lynx has the solution for any vehicle.

See How it Looks

Lynx offers 3M Obsidian Window Film in 5%, 15%, 25%, 30%, and 60%.

Obsidian: A Naturally Occuring Volcanic Glass Formed as an Extrusive Igneous Rock.